Sicilian Summer Breeze

Victoria Cellars' Sicilian Summer Breeze wine cocktail

This might just be the perfect cocktail for beating the summer heat. Just pour 1 oz. of limoncello
liqueur into a chilled Champagne flute & then fill the flute with well-chilled Pechette or
Toriamour. Add a lemon twist, if you’d like.

The lemon flavor is so different with the peach in the Pechette & the raspberry in the Toriamour
that it’s definitely worth trying with both. But you’ll want to enjoy this Sicilian Summer Breeze
as cold as possible. The colder it is, the more delicious—and refreshing—it becomes. ……Rachel

For a fun, fruitier variation, try the Sicilian Berry Breeze:

This variation on the Sicilian Summer Breeze seriously ups the fruit quotient. Start by tossing a palm-full of frozen raspberries into a cocktail glass. Pour an ounce of limoncello on top of them, then fill the glass with Toriamour or Pechette. Voila! (Add a twist of lemon, if you’d like.)

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