Peg ’16

Victoria Cellars' Peg '16 wine cocktail

This sweet, refreshing drink uses Pechette or Toriamour, gin, elderflower cordial, and
fresh lime for a cocktail that packs a bigger punch than any of our other offerings. (Don’t
say you weren’t warned!)

Put an ounce & a half of gin and three-quarters of an ounce of elderflower into a shaker
full of ice, give it a good long shake, and strain into a martini glass. Cut out two lime wedges
and squeeze one of them into the glass, then fill the glass with Toriamour or Pechette. Use
the other wedge as garnish.

By the way—if you find this too potent, an ounce or so of just the elderflower with either
Pechette or Toriamour makes a lighter variation. ……—Rachel

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