La Golondrina

Victoria Cellars' La Golondrina margarita wine cocktail

This is one of those drinks that’ll take you instantly from, “There’s no way this can work” to
“Where have you been all my life?” Margaritas have become so commonplace they’re almost
a throwaway drink—not this one.

Rub lime juice along the rim of a cocktail glass, dip the rim in salt, then fill the glass w/ice.
Add 2 oz of silver tequila, 3/4 oz of Cointreau or Grand Marnier, 3/4 oz of simple syrup, 1 & a half
to 2 limes’ worth of fresh juice (depending on how juicy the limes are), top it off w/Pechette or
Toriamour, stir gently, and enjoy.

La Golondrina, by the way, is the name of one of the great Mexican restaurants, on Olvera Street in
downtown LA since the city was born, surrounded by peddler carts, in the shadow of Union Station,
and with, it’s been said, a winding oak bar as broad & long as the Mississippi. (It also appears for
just a split second in one of the greatest movies ever, Double Indemnity.)
……………………….. Rachel

La Golondrina in the early 1930s
From the early 1930s: La Golondrina, on the right, with the brand-new City Hall in the background.
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