Custom Labels

We’ve made it easy to add a personal touch to the wine for a wedding, holiday, birthday, anniversary,
or any other special occasion. Just choose a label, add a message (if you want), order your favorite
Victorianbourg wine, and we’ll send you the wine with your custom labels applied.*

* Please note that we ship to the 37 states listed under Step 2, plus the District of Columbia.

Step 1: order your label & add a personalized message

Use the order form below to:

♦  choose your label from the pulldown menu

♦  enter how many labels you’d like to order*

♦  enter your name & email address

♦  type your personalized message (optional)

Then press the Submit button and proceed to Step 2 to order your wine.

* Please be sure to order the same number of labels and bottles of wine. By law, we can’t
sell more labels than the amount of wine ordered

Your personalized message is limited to 75 characters to ensure it will fit on the label. 

You can order as many different kinds of wine as you’d like to use with your label.

If you’d like to order a second label, please complete your first order, refresh this page, then order
the second label.

Labels are $2.50 each. This cost has been added to the price of the wine in Step Two.

Fields marked with an * are required

Step 2: order your wine

We can add your label to any of the wines listed below:

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