Apres La Mort

Victoria Cellars' Apres La Mort wine cocktail for Pechette or Toriamour

Pechette & Toriamour aren’t just light, fruity & refreshingthey’re also perfect for wine cocktails. And we’re talking
serious cocktails—not the well-intended misfires of some amateur mixologist scrounging around in the back of
the refrigerator. 

We’ve started simple here, with our take on Hemingway’s famous “Death in the Afternoon.” Take 1 oz. of absinthe
(not the full jigger recommended in most recipes) & pour it into a Champagne flute. Pour in some well-chilled
Pechette or Toriamour, and enjoy.

Hemingway recommended drinking “three to five of these slowly.” I don’t know about that—the Green Fairy has
been known to start manifesting herself after about the third one—but I do know that this is the perfect cocktail for
taking the edge off a hot summer afternoon or evening.

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